Project: “Electrification and reconstruction of the Plovdiv – Svilengrad railway line, corridors IV and IX” Parvomai – Svilengrad, km 202+300.00 – km 298+800.00 phase 2 in the section 202+300 to 231+560 from the first railway line
Design phase: Definitive design
Employer: ASTALDI
Contractor company (Consultant): Vector-Bul Ltd. – subcontractor
Excerpt from the reference: Vector-Bul company is designing and will continue to design the railroad track, longitudinal drainage, drains, subways, prokars, retaining walls, as well as some of the major facilities such as railway bridges, overpasses and their road connections to the Republican infrastructure related to the sector Parvomai and Simeonovgrad.
Total project construction value: 162 537 388 EURO.
Design value for Vector-Bul Ltd.: about 1 750 000 EURO.
Deadline: 2007 year – 2011 year
Project Status (Completed, Approved): Approved, completed and completed construction with Act 16.