The Vector-Bul Company implements its transport infrastructure projects (railway or road) with copyright software. We have developed applications in a standalone graphical environment for constructing planes, longitudinal profiles, cross section profiles, applications for designing a digital terrain model with triangles. Automatic download of terrain data for longitudinal and transverse profiles, automatic drawing of the main and secondary horizons. Procedures have been developed for the calculation of areas of constructed cross section profiles, the calculation of volumes by a given plane and the surface of triangles. Calculation procedures for obtaining a Bruckner curve and its equalization. With the JCAD-VB FEM program, we perform static calculations with beam – finite elements, space graders, spatial finite elements, two-dimensional finite elements modeling soil, structural programs for geotechnical, tunnel and bridge design. Models for the stability of slopes by the method of Felenius-Tertzagi and Bishop have been developed. We have implemented computational modules for angular retaining walls, one-row and two-row pilot systems, anchorage, study of resistance to gabion walls, load-bearing capacity of the earth in two-dimensional environment in determining deformations and stresses in depth, calculation of spline walls. With a program for the calculation of arched bridges under the embankment, a railway project bridge in 2017 was completed and implemented.
In advanced applications, automated technologies have been developed for calculating post-concreted bridges, cantilever-balanced post-concreted cantilever structures, stressed beam beams prior to concreting, and composite reinforced concrete bridges module. Application for calculation of deformed and stressed state of tunnels for one-way and two-way railway lines, calculation and dimensioning of primary and secondary tunnel lining.
The first automation design programs for transport infrastructure projects began in the late 1980s. The company makes continuous innovative efforts to improve, constantly develop the computing power of its software development. Our team is motivated by the forthcoming challenges for the modernization of the railway network in Bulgaria. With the development of mathematical models for optimization of transport routes and levels with the method of dynamic optimization we find economically viable design solutions in the field of investment design – infrastructure projects.

You can get acquainted with some of the most significant and large-scale completed projects of the company, which are basically made with the JCAD-VB software – Read more.

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