Project: “Breakage of the Water Palace – Two-level transport junction for the connection of Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd. and Maritza Blvd – south and capital repair of Ruski Blvd. (Central station near 6th September Blvd.)
Design phase: Preliminary and technical design
Contracting Authority: Plovdiv Municipality
Contractor (Consultant): Vector-Bul Ltd.
Reference excerpt: Vector-Bul completed the project as required by the contract within the time limit and in accordance with the regulatory requirements.
Cost of design: 187,700 BGN.
Deadline: 2012 – 2013
Project Status (Completed, Approved): Construction approved and completed by Act 16.

Референция от Община Пловдив за "Вектор-Бул" ООД

Project information: When completing the 2013 design. of the road junction at the Water Palace – intersection of Tsar Boris III Blvd. and Maritza-South Blvd., the contracting authority Plovdiv Municipality has adopted a three-stage approach for the development of the junction.
Stage I – Develop a roundabout at one level. The construction of the project in 2015 was completed. Models by photos:

Stage II – Option 12 of the proposed 13 design developments is a road junction providing absolutely all the desired directions from the intersection map. Two satellite roundabouts are proposed respectively on both sides of Tsar Boris III Blvd. Transportation delays and the likelihood of crashes will be minimized. The roundabouts will allow them to cross the routes providing left turns. The possible stage of construction is the following:
– The intersection of Maritza-South Blvd after the road bridge is on two levels with a gauge of 3.60m. Photos of what the knot would look like:

Stage III – The bridge over the Maritza River along Tsar Boris III Blvd is in poor technical and hydraulic condition. In the future, it will be necessary to build a new facility with greater capacity and allow the intersection of Maritza North Blvd on two levels. The new cable-stayed bridge will cross the Maritza River at a higher elevation and improve the hydraulic cross section of the river. Phase III photos: (cable-stayed bridge)

Developed and proposed scenarios by Vector-Bul Ltd. for the Plovdiv Municipality project (photos):